Star Route Farms COVID-19 Response

Star Route Farms is dedicated to providing safe and healthy produce to our customers.

We follow the guidelines provided in the Food Safety Modernisation Act which include mandatory food safety training for our staff on an ongoing basis.
We educate our staff on the importance of thorough handwashing and train when and how often this should happen including after breaks, meals, and shift changes. With the outbreak of the Covid 19 Virus our staff is operating under even stricter regulations.
  • Star Route Farms have developed Standard Operating Procedures for the sanitation of our trucks, our packing facility, shipping containers and at all farmer’s markets; all detailing, handwashing, wiping down of equipment, sanitation of hard surfaces and glove protocols.
  • Our plastic totes are pressure-washed and sanitized with a food-grade chlorine solution after each use.
  • Star Route Farm staff have available sick time if needed and when necessary leave will be extended.
  • The staff has been trained on proper social distancing and is practicing this on the farm as well as at the Farmer’s markets.

We are monitoring and adjusting our safety practices daily, as new information becomes available.